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Paula White reviews the Tourer 
I’ve always been a fan of being on two wheels. It gives me the buzz of fresh air and activity while allowing me to cover more ground than running or walking. Recently dipping my toe into the world of triathlon has meant cycling has become even more important and my road bike is one of my favourite things... 
"Well, well - Alastair and Gordon have come up top trumps again. I have been so pleased with the bike since I bought it 2 months ago. I can ride around Bristol, up and down the hills with total ease. I took it into the shop at midday and an hour later, I collected the bike. I had been using it with the tyres at 30psi. Gordon noticed this and pumped them up to the correct 50 psi. What an improvement it has made to the bike's handling. Only a small point, but it showed me how thorough Atmosphere Bikes are with their servicing. Attention to detail is what a service should be all about, and Atmosphere passed the test with flying colours. Thanks lads - perhaps you could give my car the once over sometime !!!! John " 
"For months I’d been cycling to work on my Specialized Sport Disc Hybrid bike and it was beginning to take its toll. 
Each day I’d be dreading having to cycle the length of the Portway and then up Bridge Valley Road, (not an easy hill), then across to Redland and arriving at work all sweaty and in need of a shower. (Work doesn’t have a shower). 
I’d been thinking about buying an electric bike and decided to do some research. 
I didn’t like the look of most of the bikes available as they looked a bit ‘special’. They weren’t very “sexy”. But then I found the KTM E Cross P. Now this was more what I was after. 
Review after review just raved about how great this bike was so I had to see for myself. 
I took myself off to Atmosphere Bikes as they had come up as one of the best in Bristol for helpfulness and advice. (I soon discovered how true this was). 
After trying various bikes to compare against (such as the Oxygen City 2014, the KTM Macina Action and the KTM Macina Cross 8) I decided that overall the KTM E Cross P was the one for me. It looked the business, had great performance and was an absolute joy to ride. It’s really comfortable, feels so solid, no rattles or clinks, build quality is amazing and the gears just seem to snap into position with such accuracy and efficiency, I’ve never experienced anything like it. I thought my Specialised bike was meant to be good but this build quality just blew it away! 
The sensation of riding the E Cross is like having someone running along behind you, pushing you along. Someone who can run fast and is very strong! It’s almost as if the bike wants to go faster and faster and you’re almost trying to keep up with the pull of it - just amazing! 
I also like the fact that you still have to pedal and don’t just sit there twisting a throttle. You feel like you’ve put some effort into getting to you destination, a sense of achievement. 
If I had one criticism its the weight as I have to carry it upstairs to my flat. Its not the heaviest e-bike out there, but I guess its a small price you pay for one of the best battery packs you can get. Plus, the bike isn’t built to be carried - its meant to be ridden and you really don’t notice the weight at all when you’re riding it. 
So, now I arrive at work, happy having enjoyed a lovely ride to work, not needing a shower and actually looking forward to the ride home. The only downside is when I arrive home I’m disappointed my commute isn’t longer. So much so that I now take myself off for rides on the weekends, thinking nothing of a 25mile ride; it’s a breeze! I’ve seen so much more of Bristol and look forward to discovering more. 
As you can probably tell I’m over the moon with my E-Bike and I almost want to shout at everyone when I’m cycling along “look at me on my KTM e-bike!!!” It’s the best feeling! 
So, Bravo KTM and bravo Atmosphere Bikes for marrying me up with the best bike I’ve ever owned. Happy days. 
Smartmotion E20 
Nearly three years ago I decided to buy an electric bike. I soon discovered Alastair's Emporium in Hotwells, Bristol. There seemed to be a fairly vast array of choices and I had many bountiful, helpful discussions with Alastair. Finally I decided to buy an Ebco Eagle LS50' and with hindsight, I think that I bought it because it looked so good. 
Sadly, I have had very serious health problems since then, but in the last two months, but my health has considerably improved. At 69 years of age, I wanted an e-bike that would go up Bristol's many hills with less exertion on my part, and also a bike with a throttle. Added to that, I decided it would be an advantage if I could transport it in the boot of my car if I wanted to go on a day out, say to Weston, and take my bike with me. 
The Ebco was good, but not what I now wanted. And so I decided to return to Atmosphere. I was so happy to be met by Alastair again. He was his old cheerful, friendly self and gave me lots of options of new e-bikes that might fit the bill. To cut a long story short (!!!!), I decided to buy the new Smart motion E20. I have had it for a couple of weeks, and I am thrilled with it. It takes me up the steep hills of Bristol with ease, and I impressed by how the New Zealanders have made it. 
Alastair and Gordon at Atmosphere are a joy - they are a great pair and very knowledgeable about e-bikes. They are always willing to give you advice and share their enthusiasm of e-bikes. If you are interested in this topic, I recommend that you call in to see them down in deepest Hotwells, and when you have finished, there is a great old Bristol pub about 30 yards away, the Myrtle Tree. All is perfect in the world!! JMR 
Oxygen Emate 
"Back in August of last year, the organisation I work for decided to run the Cycle to Work scheme - I was delighted as it meant I could finally afford to get myself an electric bike - my daily commute is from Keynsham to Stapleton, and I was finding it a little too far to cycle on an unassisted bike, and so was spending a lot of time in my car stuck in traffic on the A4. However the scheme meant I had to use an online bike shop which had a very limited range of electric bikes, and staff who had no expertise in electric bikes. I had many frustrating months of trying out bikes which proved to be very unreliable and poorly made - I learned the important lesson that a reputable brand name does not necessarily mean a well-made electric bike.  
To cut a long story short, I was finally able to get my money back and go to Atmosphere Bikes, where I received some very good advice from the very knowledgeable Alistair. He recommended the Oxygen Emate Sci. It is at the cheaper end of the Oxygen range, no particular frills, but it has all the necessary - rack, stand, simple control panel; but most importantly, it works! The front suspension makes it a smooth ride and it has a sturdy frame and wide tyres which cope well with muddy lanes. My only slight gripe is that you can't charge the battery while it is on the bike, it needs to be lifted off the pins - but overall I am very happy with the bike, and happy to be travelling to work on a largely traffic-free route. Thank you Atmosphere!" 
Anna, Keynsham 
" The bike is a brilliant design, very well manufactured (esp high weld quality), and well put together by ‘Atmosphere’ – there are no ‘rattles’ or funny noises, and I haven’t had to make any major adjustments (just lightly oiled chain, softened suspension and topped tyre pressure up). I love the simplicity of the lights, the speedo/odometer; and the fact that one can read the latter even in the dark – the designers seem to have thought of everything. The simple twist-grip gear change means no letting-go of the bars – unlike some makes where I was fumbling around for levers and then turning them the wrong way then stalling on the hill before I could get into the right gear. Practice would make perfect, but no need to practise on the Oxygen! Here’s hoping that long-term reliability will be just as good. But if I wrecked it tomorrow through my own stupid fault I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one! I have to say that everything you and ‘Oxygen’ claimed has proved to be true. Knocks over 10 minutes each way off my (conventional cycle) trips to work. 33 miles per charge in pretty hilly terrain. Have explored places where even motorcycles can’t get to. Anyone who doesn’t want one of these must be mad" 
Gerald, Bristol 
Wisper 905 SE Sport 
Ok I think I can admit it to myself and the rest of the world now. I love my ebike! 
I used to (more often than not) cycle to work a hilly 14 mile round trip. I hated it but persisted as it kept me from getting too chubby. It was the long hills and head winds that killed it for me. I can deal with the rain, I even enjoy it some times, but when you are peddling up hill into a strong head wind at a snails pace and getting soaked into the bargain, it gets a bit much. 
Now, thanks to Wisper Bikes and Atmosphere Electric Bikes in Brizzol, I actually enjoy cycling. I think the last time I could say that about riding a bike was when I threw my self around a skateboard park on a BMX as a teenager in the late 80's/early 90's. 
My first route (to where I work now) was 11 miles (round trip). I can do both legs faster than I could by car. I save £20 a week in petrol. I've given up smoking and feel better for getting a little bit of exercise. I also feel a bit smug about not driving the car too from a 'saving the planet' point of view. 
Since the cycling restrictions on Bournemouth prom are no longer in effect I decided to give that a go. A serious head wind and a fair bit of rain and I was still cruising along at 12mph somewhere around the unenforceable 10 mph bicycle speed limit with a grin on my mush. 
The following day I went into work via the prom and am now making a concerted effort to make that my route to and from work, as a ride along the beach in the morning is good for the soul. 
I can honestly say this is the first time I have sought out a longer route to and from work whilst riding a bike! In fact I am sitting here looking forward to a leisurely cycle home via the beach. 
So a big thanks goes to Alistair at Atmosphere for letting me try the 905SE Sport and Wisper Bikes for making it! 
Mark - Bournemouth 
Oxygen Diva 
"I've been an electric bike rider for about 5 years and find that the sense of freedom it gives me around a hilly place like Bristol is great. 
No parking worries if we go to the centre of town or the Watershed or to Clifton village - my husband and I just hop on our electric bikes and hey presto! we're there - and if I feel tired after an evening out the electric motor gives me an easy ride home. 
I also have two panniers so I can do the evening's shopping on the way home from work, and cycling up Park Street is easy with or without shopping. 
My old Electric bike was a Giant Suede and it had the comfiest saddle ever made. However, after 4 years (and three batteries) of cycling the bike had been well used and I needed to get a new one. 
After extensive research and lots of test rides at Atmosphere Bikes I finally settled on an Oxygen Diva. It is a really great bike to ride - lighter than my old Giant and with a more powerful 37v battery. 
It has three power modes and most of the time I stay in the middle one. Occasionally if the battery is running low and I'm going up a very steep hill I go into top power, but most times it's not needed. Lights are fully wired in which is great as it was always a fiddle putting lights on before and remembering not to leave them on. 
Having a throttle is really useful for extra power when starting at traffic lights etc. and my only quibble about the Diva is the way the pedelec motor only kicks in after a couple of peddle turns- which would make it impossible for me to start on a steep hill. With use of the throttle it's not a problem, but still is irritating! 
All in all the Oxygen Diva is a great bike and I would thoroughly recommend it." 
Powabyke Salisbury 
When I decided to start cycling to work, I was doing it off the back of at least 3 years of no exercise whatsoever. The commute to work was just under 9 miles - 8.8 to be exact. I needed a solution that was viable - I needed a bike that I could get to work on in the morning, do my 9 hour day, then cycle home again at night and not be completely destroyed from the experience! I had also already worked out that if I did cycle, I could potentially save up to £100 petrol costs per month! Not to mention work on my fitness and feel good about reducing my carbon emissions :) . 
I couldn't afford a costly road bike - even on the cycle scheme. I had done a practice run on a normal hybrid bike and realised that it was going to be a big deal to cycle to work. That was until I discovered electric bikes. 
When reading reviews for electric bikes they were either used by extreme off-roaders or post-hip operation 60 year olds who were grateful they could now cycle the 2 miles to their daughters house. I only found one example of an electric bike user with a lengthy commute, so it was a little embarrassing telling people of my plans to buy one on the cycle scheme and use it for my medium length commute! After a trip down to the Atmosphere Electric Bike Centre, and a quick go on a PowerCycle Windsor (the ladies version of the Salisbury - if I thought I was embarrassed before...), I was dead set on getting an electric bike. 
I decided to go for a PowerCycle Salisbury because they boasted the lightest bikes of all electric ranges and were available locally - and so I could assume that parts and servicing for them would be as well. 
The PowerCycle Salisbury is a most viable way to commute to work. It takes me just as long as it takes in the car, but I don't have to sit in infuriating traffic - especially when there's been an accident on the M4 and the roads are gridlocked! I get 80 minutes cardio exercise every day, and don't have to pay gym costs, but actually SAVE money on petrol! The bike itself is fantastic. It still gives me a workout, but the added power really really helps get me to work on time without being completely wiped. The battery takes a while to charge up, but lasts me 4.5 trips between home and work and only costs 4p to charge. The bike comes completely kitted out with pannier rack, mudguards, stand, and a (well used) bell. It's really hardy as well. The 3-mode way of working is great, too, as the throttle-on mode is fantastic for getting away at traffic lights, and the pedal-assist mode is great for that long distant cycle. Also, if you want to wean yourself off the electricity, you can turn the motor off altogether without having to turn the battery off in case you change your mind later. It's so simple it's perfect! 
On the flip side, it's still a little heavy and the gears really have no meaning. The bike has 6 gears and I very rarely move down from 6th - probably because the pedal assist is so good! Sometimes I manage to build up so much speed that I could do with a lower gear, but that really is a minor issue. 
Big thank you to the guys and gals at the Atmosphere electric bike centre for making the transition possible and for all your help with getting the bike and other parts - you've all be more than helpful and have really gone that extra mile for me - thank you!! 
Nathan - Swansea 
"I had done a practice run on a normal hybrid bike and realised that it was going to be a big deal to cycle to work. That was until I discovered electric bikes." 
"I recommend this bike highly to anyone who will listen, and Atmosphere really know their stuff" 
Wisper 705 
Well, it's true to say that I haven't stopped smiling since I got my Wisper 705 SE from Atmosphere Bikes in Bristol back in July. Great advice on what would suit my needs best (I have some serious hills to negotiate, and wanted enough battery to sail up them with a child on the back of the bike), followed by the swift arrival of my bike, and they were very helpful along the way. 
The gears are perfect, as in the lowest gear I can pedal with no strain up the worst hill on my commute, on high assist, and not feel ill in the process. It is a heavy beast, but the suspension is great so when the gales are lashing you and the road surface is bumpy, I feel like we are not going to part company. Still great exercise despite the big battery, but oh so much fun having the Freedom of Bath, and not having to think about hills when planning an outing. I recommend this bike highly to anyone who will listen, and Atmosphere really know their stuff, and are friendly and approachable with it (no cycle snobbery there!). 
Charlotte - Bath 
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