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Atmosphere are pleased to celebrate their 11th Birthday this year 
But what does that mean for you? Quite a lot 
1) Having been involved with this new technology from early years we are more experienced than most other people in the UK –this means we know what we are talking about and only offer well tried and tested bikes 
2) We do a personalised bike fact-find with you so that we can pick the right bike for your needs and ensure it fits correctly – not just the cheapest in a box 
3) Over the years we have tailored what we offer customers based on what they need. So we build and check every bike before you take it away, no “damaged on arrival” or “ not working properly”. We also give you a Free safety service later to ensure your bike is working perfectly for you. 
4) One of the largest choices of Ebikes in the South West – we offer a wide range of prices as well as brands to suit all requirements 
So please drop in and find out which bike is best for you 
All bikes Fully Assembled and tested for you - we do not sell boxed bikes online 
For best enjoyment an electric bike needs assembling correctly, brakes and gears adjusted and fully tested so your bike is ready to go. We will assemble and check it for you in our Bristol workshop. All e–bikes from our shop are also backed up with a FREE first service. 
We have this lovely Etropolis Trek 
as our May special offer features include: 
Up to 30 miles range 
Front suspension 
5 levels of pedal assist 
7 spd gears 
Front and rear lights 
We have one only of this bike at a very special price of  
ONE Only £699 
reduced from £1199 when it's gone it's gone. 
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De-restricted electric bikes – The Facts 
Can only be ridden off-road, on private land and with the permission of the land owner. 
Riding on the road - in the eyes of the law, will be treated as a motorised vehicle and will have all the implications of registration, insurance, licencing etc. Will make you responsible for any safety and legal matters 
Will invalidate any bike warranties - Atmosphere does not condone any form of de-restricting and actually find our bikes work really well without all this bother 
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